July 05, 2022
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TNG has a LinkedIn Group exclusively for our members!

CLICK Here on the Linkedin logo to join.

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Only TNG members can join. Remember to join using your existing LinkedIn profile. Do not create a new LinkedIn account if you have an existing account. Note that the LinkedIn group is separate from your personal LinkedIn group.

Unless the group member is also a personal connection, the group member will not have access to your network or your email address. In other words, a group member that is not personal connection of another group member that they would like to contact would have to go through the same communication channels as they would for contacting anyone outside of the group that is not a personal connection.

What is the advantage of joining the TNG LinkedIn group?

  • Instantaneous network for new member: New members joining the TNG and existing members joining LinkedIn are exposed to an instantaneous network
  • Familiarization among group member: We can learn more about each other, which leads to more opportunities. We are applying a virtual tool that connects people around the world and applying it to our local area.
  • Increased opportunities through LinkedIn's profile search engine: Employers, recruiters, and resource seekers within our group can now find the resources they seek within our LinkedIn group using LinkedIn's profile search engine. (Make sure you put all the key words you want to expose in your profile so you can be found.)

Triangle Networking Group

This is for authorized TNG users only