July 05, 2022
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The Triangle Networking Group is a non-profit resource that educates and connects people and organizations to further professional endeavors while creating opportunities to improve the region's economic vitality.


Our vision is to be the organization embraced by any professional seeking to achieve a goal and any organization seeking to assist professionals.


The Triangle Networking Group (TNG) was organized in March 2001 by a group of former Nortel Networks employees "downsized" due to the slowing economy. Initially, membership in the group was primarily available for former Nortel Networks employees, but was later expanded to include all workers from all industries whose jobs were eliminated by the continued economic slow down. In summer 2005, the TNG focus was expanded to assist all professionals seeking to further their career and endeavors.  The organization received 501(c)(6) nonprofit status in spring 2011.

Triangle Networking Group

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